Why Scandinavian Style Is Great In A Small Bedroom

Scandinavian style always exudes a distinct, effortless sense of style that suits a modern home. However, it’s especially attractive in a small bedroom as it is incredibly inviting and comfortable, but doesn’t compress the room. Here are a few simple ways to bring it into your small bedroom and why it’s so desirable.

Focus on a Light Palette

Any designer will tell you that dark colors make a room look smaller. Luckily, Scandinavian style relies on a light palette of white, cream, or grey that makes a bedroom look bright, clean, and large. Don’t worry - you’ll add more character with your furniture, bedding and décor.

Add Cool-Colored Bedding

The Scandinavian style draws inspiration from nature. Consequently, bedding should reflect the natural color palette of the sea, sky, and woods. Raw blonde wood and soft sage green or sky blue bedding as seen in this modern quilt set and luxurious extra-deep pocket pleated sheet set are an ideal combination.

Contrast Lines & Shapes

Scandinavian bedrooms contrast the straight lines in items such as a low-lying bed, bookshelf, or desk with organic curved lines in accessories. For instance, a bedside lamp might gracefully arch over the bed or two teardrop sconces might sit above each bedside table.

Add Greenery

Since a Scandinavian bedroom is usually monochromatic and minimalist it can feel clinical and stark if you don’t offset it with a bit of nature. Consider bringing the outdoors inside via a large plant in a bamboo or wicker pot.

Vary Heights

Since you live in a small space you don’t have much square footage so you need to make the most of the vertical space in your bedroom. Create vignettes with objects of varying heights.

For instance, hang a tall, narrow piece of art flanked by one medium-sized vase and another smaller one. This makes the room feel more cohesive and less cluttered.

Invest in Storage

Living in a small space means storage isn’t something you can ignore. Explore options such as vertical storage with baskets to hide clutter and maximize your space. Consider adding shelving above doorways or create an entire library wall.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Since a Scandinavian bedroom is primarily light-colored, balance this starkness with items such as a woven picnic basket, jute rug, or fluffy pendant light.

Mix new and old furniture so your design does not look contrived. Remember to always leave floor space as empty as possible. Store items, give them away, or sell them if you don’t need them. You’ll have a fuss-free, clean bedroom which makes it so much easier to enjoy.


Scandinavian bedroom design is the perfect choice for your small bedroom, because it makes it feel larger and brighter. Bargain Bedding USA has a huge selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in many neutrals colors in cotton and manmade fibers.

We make it easy to create a Scandinavian bedroom that’s perfect for a small space. Why pay more for bedding than necessary when you can have quality for much less?

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