Top Interior Design Tips for the Bedroom

Even though guests may not see it, your bedroom is important. It’s where you unwind and recharge, but more importantly it is personal and the best place to truly showcase your aesthetic and design style.

This collection of top interior design tips can help you create a comfortable retreat that oozes your personal style.

Comfortable Colors

Secret Garden Duvet Cover Set

Choose a color palette that exudes comfort. You needn’t stick to neutrals as nothing’s off limits. The soft blue in our Secret Garden Duvet Cover Set promotes relaxation and studies show blue can actually lower your blood pressure.

Classic Snug Oversized Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

Rich, sultry colors such as Marsala in our Classic Snug Oversized Microfiber Duvet Cover Set work well too.

Bedrooms Needn’t Be Blah

Designers constantly remind us that bedrooms shouldn’t be boring. Even if you love the minimalist look, you’ll notice designers add an element to offset it.

Contemporary Leaves Printed Sheet Set

This Contemporary Leaves Printed Sheet Set is a perfect example. It adds that little bit of zing, even though it relies on a monochromatic palette. Splashes of color can also add pockets of interest.

Take It Up a Notch with Texture

Fall For Me Reversible Quilt Set

Incorporating texture into a bedroom adds instant appeal and interest. Just look at how the eye focuses on the texture in our Fall For Me Reversible Quilt Set, even though the bed’s dressed in plain white sheets.

Luxurious & Modern Brickyard Quilt Sets

Texture can be more subtle too. Our Luxurious & Modern Brickyard Quilt Set features a simple textured brick pattern which does not overwhelm the room.

Respect Scale

Your furniture and accents should respect the size of your bedroom. As a rule, large pieces suit large spaces and smaller pieces suit smaller rooms.

For instance, don’t put a huge armoire in a small bedroom, even if you need storage. A narrower, taller dresser would be a better choice.

Equally, don’t buy a tiny mirror for a cavernous bedroom or it will look like a postage stamp on the wall.

Layer the Bedding

Choosing a pleasing palette is only part of creating a beautiful bed. Layering bedding adds glamor and appeal.

Taupe Lovely Dreamer Duvet Cover Set

This Lovely Dreamer Duvet Cover Set in taupe is the ideal choice for layering. Choose complementary or contrasting sheets and a bed skirt. Textured throw pillows and a nubby bed throw complete the look.

Off White Bed SkirtBlue Cotton Sheets

Bump Up the Style

Designers aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. One of their best design tips is to jazz up a matched furniture set by removing the headboard and then adding something truly creative.

Hang a tapestry, shimmering curtains, or choose a favorite patterned sheet. Suspend a decorative room divider or shiplap the wall for added appeal.

Lighting Options

Don’t rely on that solo overhead light in your bedroom. Either add a dimmer or disperse several fixtures throughout the room.

Task lighting by the bed is especially helpful, but you’ll also want a light that creates soft light for whenever you just want to chill. If you want to go glam, add a chandelier.

Make a Statement With Art

One large piece of art in the bedroom makes a big statement. Don’t go overboard – just find a print that speaks to you, experiment to find the most suitable spot to hang it, and then sprinkle a few smaller pieces around the space. Less is often more in design.

Cozy Up the Floor

A soft rug adds comfort on a cold morning and plenty of style. If you’re on a budget, runners won’t break the bank, but still look fantastic.

If you want drama, choose a large rug. Lay the rug with at least two bed legs on the carpet and the rest emanating outwards. This makes the room look more spacious and the layout packs a punch.


Bargain Bedding USA makes it easy to incorporate many of these top interior design tips into your bedroom. We haves a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in cotton and microfiber. Choose from the latest colors and patterns, enjoy affordable prices, and shop with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by a one-year guarantee.

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