Top Bedding Trends of 2020

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, bedrooms are often neglected and become just a room, rather than an inspiring, stylish haven.

Fortunately, bedrooms needn’t be boring. Infuse them with new energy by incorporating one of the top bedding trends of 2020.

Wabi-Sabi Style

This Japanese concept is based on the aesthetic of imperfection and impermanence. It recognizes the peaceful acceptance of the cycle of life, including its variations. Think of Scandinavian design, but in a less methodical, warmer fashion.

The Wabi-Sabi style encourages natural simplicity, without the fuss. Designers use mismatched bedding and natural fabrics such as cotton for a more careless look. It’s the ideal style for someone who cherishes a modest lifestyle, but wants to pay homage to carefully curated personal objects.

Secret Garden Sand Duvet Cover Set

Wabi-Sabi draws on tones found in nature. This Secret Garden Duvet Cover Set in Secret Garden Sand offers the comfort of cotton and the perfect color and vibe to build a Wabi-Sabi bedroom. Our bedsheet sets make it easy to mix things up as they come in multiple enticing colors, with or without patterning.

Bold Monochromatics

If you crave color and wow factor, you’ll be pleased to know that many designers aren’t afraid to go bold this year.

Classic black and white never really goes out of style, because it’s easy to accessorize in your favorite eye-catching color and provides a bold, eclectic look. Our black Classic Snug Oversized Microfiber Duvet Cover Set and modern block printed sheets create instant pizzazz.

However, celebrity designers also remind us a monochromatic scheme can utilize daring colors full of personality too. Dark blue, deep purple and rich Marsala as seen in this Classic Plush Down Alternate Comforter add that perfect punch to any bedroom.


Bohemian Festival Reversible Duvet Cover SetWorld Song Lightweight Quilt Set

The Bohemian style can be a bit too much for some people in the bedroom. It features bright colors and patterns that can stimulate the senses, instead of promoting sleep and relaxation. Fortunately, Boho-chic tones down the chaos, but retains the “undone” look.

The principle design element in Boho-chic is eye-catching, inviting bedding that spills over the bed. Our Bohemian Festival Reversible Duvet Cover Set adds colorful impact and interest while our World Song Lightweight Quilt Set mimics a patchwork quilt. Casually toss on a few textured pillow a bed throw and you’ve created a Boho-chic inspired bedroom design you can build on.

Nature-Inspired Prints

Springtime Sprigs Reversible Duvet Cover SetFlowerbomb Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Considering how stressful and demanding this year has been so far, the role of the bedroom as a place to unwind has never been more important. As a result, many designers this year favor minimal, nature-inspired bedrooms. A visual connection to nature can help reduce stress and improve our well-being and natural patterns, colors, and light breathe fresh air into a tired bedroom.

A modern floral pattern as seen in our Springtime Sprigs Reversible Duvet Cover Set or Flowerbomb Reversible Duvet Cover Set adds a splash of nature in soft tones. It could be just what you need to help you relax this year.

Calming Earth Tones

Brown Lovely Dreamer Duvet Cover Set

Bedrooms this year have moved away from cools tones towards saturated warm earth tones and textures. Accents are bold and rich-hued, but bedding such as rich Lovely Dreamer Brown found in our Lovely Dreamer Duvet Cover Set add calm.

Other favored colors include Pastel Paradise Olive Green in our Pastel Paradise Reversible Duvet Cover Set and gold in our Modern Quilt Set.


Bargain Bedding USA has a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in cotton and microfiber. We offer the latest colors and patterns in bedding, affordable prices, and a one-year guarantee. We make it easy to update your bedroom to the latest bedding trends this year.

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