Black is Back: How to Use It In Your Bedroom

We read so much about light, airy colors, but they often fall short when you want to make a statement in your bedroom. Let’s face it, neutrals are pretty ho-hum and you only get real interest by adding colored accents, accessories, and texture.

Luckily, black can add the moody vibe you crave immediately and contrary to popular belief, it won’t make your bedroom feel like a dark prison cell. Used correctly, it can create the illusion of space and always adds dramatic interest. Here’s how.

Choose Soft Hues

Black Classic Down Alternative Comforter

Many shades of black exist and not all are drastic. Some have grey tones or even traces of blue, red, or purple since the color black is made up of all colors. The final color depends on the manufacture’s mix used when they dye the fibers.

As an example, our Classic Plush Down Alternate Comforter in black actually has a slightly grey tone. It’s soft and inviting, but instantly adds drama to the room. Pair the comforter with crisp sheets and a bed skirt for a professional, polished look.

You can soften black even further if you add soft hues in accessories such as pillows and bed throws. Choose colors such as beige, cream, and camel and then add metallic lighting and picture frames.

Create Contrast

Coronet Blue Microfiber Duvet Cover SetBlack Sheet Set

Bright, cheerful colors work extremely well against black. Colors look richer and more vibrant and the contrast makes black look even blacker.

We suggest choosing a duvet cover in colors such as Coronet Blue or Purple such as those seen in our Classic Snug Oversized Microfiber Duvet Cover Set. However, with so many colors to choose from, it’s really up to you!

The great thing about choosing a contrasting color is that you have so many options available to you. Add colored accessories, a contrasting bed skirt, or even do black and white.

Go Offbeat

Sing To Me Duvet Cover SetBlack Bed Sheet

Painting one wall in an inky color really sets off the colors in your bedroom. You can easily imagine how much the Aqua or green in our Sing To Me Duvet Cover Set would pop against a black feature wall behind your bed. Buy a pair of black, green or blue bed sheets and mix things up for constant design variety in your bedroom.

When you use black as your base color, you can create unexpected color schemes that work amazingly well. Toss in a variety of soft textures for a truly eclectic look.

Play With Prints

Modern Blocks Sheet Sets

A black-based color scheme is the ideal canvas for you to experiment with prints. These Modern Blocks Printed Sheet Sets offer a simple, bold, black and white pattern for a distinctive look, without overwhelming the senses.

Black Brickyard Quilt SetWhite and Grey Fall For Me Sheet Sets

Alternatively pair our lightweight, modern Brickyard Quilt Set with our Fall For Me Sheet Sets in grey or white and grey. The botanical pattern adds softness and loads of appeal while still sticking to a monochrome palette.



You can easily rival any designer when you choose one of these methods and incorporate black in your bedroom. Bargain Bedding USA has a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in cotton and microfiber. We offer the latest colors and patterns in bedding, affordable prices, and a one-year guarantee.

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