Bedroom Home Office 101

Many people are now working from home, but not everyone has room for a dedicated office. Sometimes the bedroom is your only option.

Nonetheless, you can create a bedroom home office that provides comfort and function and a pleasing aesthetic. It does require a bit of creativity, but it is totally doable. Here’s how.

Think Outside the Box

You may think that you can’t possibly make room for a desk in your bedroom. Fortunately, you have options that can work just as well, or even better.

Why not swap out one bedside table for a small ladder desk? They’re slightly wider than a laptop, but provide vertical space for storage and personal items.

Another great option is a wall-mounted shelf or trestle table. They’re narrow and can be repurposed for other things if you find you no longer need them for work.

Space-Saving Furniture

Blue Brickyard Daybed

A day bed is a great way to open up space in your bedroom. Times have changed and they’re now stylish and functional. You can also buy modern daybed quilt sets that really make a statement.

Add extra storage such as shelving or a storage bench to handle any additional paperwork in your newly found space. Keep everything organized and minimize clutter.

Physically Separate the Space

A home office in a walk-in closet is another possibility. It keeps work clutter out of your sleep space, especially if your closet has a door. Just close it when it is time for sleep. This makes it easier to maintain regular work hours.

In a large bedroom, physically separate the two areas, but maintain a cohesive vibe. Use similar colors, textures, and patterns and your work area becomes a design feature.

Solid Color Duvet BoneMalibu Dreams Reversible Duvet Cover Set

As an example, paint an old vanity in bone to match this oversized duvet cover for a classic look. A tired table can become a statement piece when you paint it bold blue and pair it with our Malibu Springs Reversible Duvet Cover Set.

Bohemian Festival Reversible Duvet

Curtains can also work well. A patterned curtain could work well in a Boho bedroom while sheers or satin could add a touch of class and mystique to a contemporary bedroom. Or choose Bohemian Festival bedding and then add a vibrant, solid-colored curtain. Your options are almost endless.

Consider Color & Pattern

Secret Garden Duvet Cover Set

No matter which route you decide to take, your office should tie into your bedroom. If you can’t blend your new office pieces into your bedroom, switch up your bedding instead. For instance, this Secret Garden Duvet Cover Set is an affordable option and would work well with dark or light wood, wicker, or rattan.

If you can’t stand when everything looks the same, consider a simple trick designers use to divide zones and add interest. Lay a patterned or colorful carpet runner between the two areas.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting is important for productivity, mood, and eye health. Natural light is your best choice, so if you can place your desk near a window absolutely do. However, OSHA recommends directing light away from your line of sight.

If you can’t work near a window, choose a glare-free desk lamp that shines down on paperwork. Tilt your monitor so you look straight ahead to prevent neck strain.


Bargain Bedding USA makes it easy to mesh your bedroom with your new office. We have a massive selection of quality bedsheet, quilt, comforter and duvet cover sets in cotton and microfiber. Choose from the latest colors and patterns, enjoy affordable prices, and shop with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by a one-year guarantee.

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