African Bedroom Décor For Impact

You might be one of those people that find a neutral bedroom boring and crave color, drama, and impact instead. Fortunately, you can create an unforgettable bedroom if you follow these tips. An African-inspired bedroom offers character and distinctiveness.

Bold Bedding

An African bedroom features bold colors and eye-catching patterned accessories. Choose saturated colors such as deep brown, dark taupe, black, purple, or gold as seen in this classic down alternate comforter set and extra-deep pocket sheet set.

Add interest to the bed with decorative pillows and a bed throw in strong patterns such as zigzags, diamonds, spirals, or animal prints. Don’t shy away from vivid colors such as deep orange, red, bright yellow or swampy green. Use blue sparingly as it not normally part of the African palette.

Add Natural Accessories

Offset the rich colors in textiles with dark wood figurines, carved masks, wicker baskets or lampshades, and wooden blinds. They all add an African flavor to a bedroom that needs more interest.

Consider mirrors and photo frames made of cork or bamboo. Add potted plants such a ferns and palms to bring a touch of the exotic into your room. Large branches with curves and knots are also excellent accents.

Create a Feature Wall

Today’s wallpapers can simulate reptile skin, exotic leathers, cracks in the dessert floor, or a jungle scene. Alternatively, paint one wall in a deep, rich color such as brown or burnt orange.

Dress the Floor

Add a large bamboo or rattan mat under the bed that extends on either side. Animal print rugs or faux fur also add interest and texture.

If a large rug or matt’s too pricey, place a smaller on either side of the bed or a long one width-wise at the end of the bed. Set a pair of poufs covered in soft fabric or leather on the mat to create a practical dressing area with plenty of appeal.

Drape the Ceiling

Buy inexpensive fabric or drapery panels in natural fibers and drape them from the center of the ceiling above the bed. Tie them off at the corners of the bed with a thick piece of decorative drapery cord. This creates an intimate sleeping area that’s warm and enticing.

Mix Crude with Refined

African-inspired bedrooms often mix items such as massive timber trunks and crudely-hewn shelves with soft, sleek natural materials such as faux animal skins or dark brown leather.

Offset heavy, bulky furniture with intricately carved statues or finely woven bamboo or wicker. While you want your bedroom warm and inviting, you don’t want it filled with clutter. Choose your pieces wisely and leave plenty of floor space to create an expansive feel.


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