9 Hotel Room Design Ideas To Use In Your Own Bedroom

There’s something very special about staying in a well-appointed hotel room. It’s not just that you’re sleeping in a different bed. It’s calming, luxurious, and a treat for your senses.

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to create the same feeling in your own bedroom. Follow these 9 hotel room design ideas and “get away” each night in your own bedroom.

Choose Serene Colors

Neutral colors lead to a calm, serene room. Try to use a soft, neutral palette in shades of creamy white, pale blue, grey, taupe, or sand.

Use neutral drapery, upholstery and bedding to create a peaceful space. Skip the bright colors and patterns and opt for uniformity and subtle texture instead. The Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set offers many suitable bedding choices in serene, 18 calming colors.

Add A Wall Mural

You don’t need to be Michelangelo to add a beautiful wall mural in your bedroom. Today’s selection of removable murals is nothing short of amazing. They’re affordable and offer everything from faux brick, stone, and wood to subtle metallic and soft watercolors. They add life and personality to a room and it’s easy to do-it-yourself.

Lighting Is Everything!

First-class hotels understand the importance of lighting. Bedside lamps dim, reading lights on either side of the bed have their own controls, and some hotels even add colored LED ribbon lighting under the bed. The idea is to create an enticing mood and sometimes all it takes is a dimmer switch or colored bulbs.

Dress Your Bed Like A Pro

Undoubtedly, the focus of every luxurious hotel room is the bed. It’s inviting, comfortable, and calming. You’ll find plenty of pillows, a throw blanket, and don’t forget the bed skirt! It puts the finishing touch on your bed and cuts down on cleaning too.

Always purchase top quality bedding. Cotton should be at least 300 thread count and manmade at least 100GSM. The fiber you choose should reflect your lifestyle, not what you think you should buy.

Cotton is crisp and cool, but you’ll need to iron sheets and pillowcases if you want a well-made bed. Generally, solid neutral tones or a white duvet cover is the best way to create the lusciousness your bedroom deserves.

Place A Bench At The Foot Of The Bed

A tufted fabric or faux leather bench at the end of the bed provides a touch of luxury and practicality too. Sit while you dress or undress, or use it to lay out your clothes for the following day. Don’t allow the bench to become a dumping ground for clutter and dirty clothes.

If you don’t have room for a bench at the end of the bed, use an ottoman for dressing, resting your feet, or even as a makeshift work surface.

Choose Multi-Use Pieces

Even a small bedroom can incorporate signature furniture pieces that add functionality and beauty to the bedroom. For instance, choose a bedside that swivels and doubles as desk while sitting in bed.

Place a mirror above a small table as a vanity and to add space and glamor to the room.

Create Zones

Great hotel rooms offer variety and interest by creating distinct zones. For instance, a writing desk and chair create an inviting area to research local attractions or write a quick note to friends and family. Another area might invite you to sit and lounge, read a book, or sip your morning coffee.

While you may not have the space of a luxury hotel room in your bedroom, sometimes all it takes is setting a chair, lamp, and small table in the corner of your room.

Add Simple, Impactful Art

You don’t need to be wealthy to add great art to your bedroom. Check out local thrift stores, shop for prints online, or support a local, up-and-coming artist. Choose pieces you love that truly reflect your style and remember, less is more in the bedroom.

Showcase Favorite Items

Luxury hotel rooms aren’t full of clutter. Instead, the designer chooses one or two beautiful items and displays them with elegance.

If you have a favorite item, show it off. Give it center stage on your dresser and even consider adding an inexpensive LED spotlight or picture light as a focal point. Items with unusual shapes, colors, or textures look amazing when you display them correctly.


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