5 Ways to Mix Patterns in Your Bedroom

Mixing patterns can add interest to your bedroom, but you might find it intimidating and don’t know where to start.

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to use patterns in your bedroom if you use one of these five methods. Step away from a boring, matching bedroom and add zest to your life.

Three Pattern Limit

When you’re just starting to work with patterns, designers suggest you begin with three patterns of varying scales.

For instance, you could use a large plaid, medium floral and small polka dot pattern. Or, you could use two different medium-sized floral patterns and one small scale geometric pattern. Here are five ways you can mix them for a designer look.

1.     Match Principle Colors

Choosing similar principle colors creates a cohesive look. Just make sure that they’re the same intensity or you’ll lose the coordinated effect.

Terra Flora Reversible Duvet Cover Set

For instance, this Terra Flora Reversible Duvet Cover Set in soft steel blue would pair well with checks, polka dots, or stripes, providing they use the same blue hue. Don’t throw a deep, saturated blue pattern into the mix or it will confuse the eye.

2.     Match Secondary Colors

Sometimes matching the secondary color in patterns works well too as it is elegant and creates depth and character, without overwhelming the senses.

Purely Plaid Reversible Duvet Cover Set

As an example, the main color in this Purely Plaid Reversible Duvet Cover Set is grey. However, a soft blue floral work well with it as it picks up the secondary color.

3.     Stick to One Pattern Type

If mixing stripes and paisleys feels like a bit too much, choose three stripes or three paisleys instead. Sticking to a single pattern type also creates cohesion. Here’s an example.

Green Sing To Me Duvet

This Sing to Me Duvet Cover Set would pair well with any other paisley. Simply choose a smaller or larger pattern to create interest. The eye naturally pulls the similar patterns together.

4.     Use the 60/30/10 Rule

If you’re unsure how much of each pattern you should use, follow the 60/30/10 rule. Use your favorite pattern 60 percent of the time, your second favorite 30 percent of the time, and the third pattern as an accent of 10 percent.

Black Modern Blocks Reversible Duvet Cover Set

For instance, you could use a large geometric such as this Modern Blocks Reversible Duvet Cover Set for 60 percent of the pattern in your bedroom. Even though it uses a monochromatic palette, when you add your favorite black and white chevron carpet and striking polka dot throw cushions on a bedside chair you’ve got pizzazz.

5.     Use the Most Prominent Pattern on the Bed

The bed is the focal point in your bedroom, so it makes sense to use the most prominent pattern there.

Boho Chic Duvet Cover Set

This Boho Chic Duvet Cover Set would work well with red narrow striped curtains and tiny blue floral rug. Try not to lay patterns one on top of the other on the bed. Instead, layer your bedding using solids in between patterns.

 Coronet Blue Bed Skirt

You might want to add a solid-colored blue bed skirt to give the eye a chance to rest when it moves from the bed to the rug. The idea is to distribute your patterns evenly throughout the room so your bedroom feels balanced.

Rely on Your Instincts

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for, go with your instincts and choose what you like. Don’t worry about rules. They’re meant to be broken.


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